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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A BEAUTIFUL day with my kids!!

We had an absolutely delicious day today!! It was about 70 degrees and SUN!!! I love the spring :> My kids are having a GREAT time everyday riding around in my son's new motorized car. My daughter at first was afraid and now she just loves to zip around with my son. She asks everyday to "Go for a ride in Brady's car." I can't wait until she can steer herself because I am already eying up the Barbie jeep for her! Our neighbor, who is 4, has that car and my daughter LOVES to just sit in it and get a ride. She is really into pink and girly stuff so the Barbir jeep is completely up her alley!

Now, on this sunny delightful day, while I was somewhere hacking down blades of tall dead grass (the ornamental kind), my son decided to sneak into the house, grab my camera and start snapping!! I like to call this one - Caught red handed!!! :>

This was also his concoction today that he decided to photograph - I like to call it - "My snack and my toys in a bucket of dirty water." I wonder what he calls it!! I wonder if my son has a future in this photography thing :>

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