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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The NEW Dolce Bag

I am pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Simple Sweetcakes handbag line - the Dolce Handbag. In Italian dolce means sweet. I think that this sums up the bag. I really wanted a sleek and modern looking handbag with also practicality in mind.

We all carry our LIVEs around in our handbags. We need a bag that can stand up to that tall order. So, the Dolce is tall ~12 inches and it's wide ~ 12 inches. It can carry your water bottle, diapers, sippy cups, wallets, pouches, makeup, hat, socks - whatever you want! It super stylish and site extremely comfortably under your arm.

Check out the one above here - Dolce Handbag in Pink and Green Spring Patchwork.

Ciao Dahling!!!

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