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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What a delicious dress!!

I LOVE this fabric! I want to make a large beach tote with it. This Milly dress is fab!! I love the blue with the white - yum - outlined in black - so chic! It reminds me of a vacation dress to the Bahamas or Aruba OR even an evening out in July eating at an outside street cafe. Oh - I love the spring and summer!
I would make an addition. I would add a wide white belt to cinch of the waist. It makes you look thinner and it really pulls together the look. I love that wide belts are back! I bet you can find some on Etsy and buy handmade. The above belt is from Target.
I have been inspired by this ensemble to make some belted bags. I made a few in the past and LOVED them. I'll whip some of those up this season :>

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