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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why buy a custom fabric handbag??

You may be asking yourself this very question. What are the benefits of buying a custom designed purse from Simple Sweetcakes??

Well there are many reasons:

1. You will have a bag that is completely unique to you ~ Unique in size, shape, texture, color, and style.

2. You become the designer. What fabrics do you like together? What ribbon colors would you like to add? What size handle is most comfortable for you?

3. You are OVER the "designer" handbag parties. You are looking to be an original - NOT a follower.

4. Spring and Summer are fantastic times to flaunt color!! You can choose a bright hue to lighten your mood.

5. It's FUN!!!

Interested in seeing more?? Check out our current fabric selections - FABRICS.

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