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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Independent Designer Friday - Girl Party Tutus

The Independent Designer of the Week is Girl Party Tutus- an adorable shop on Etsy specializing in beautiful little girl tutus.

Here is my favorite tutu from Girl Party Tutus - Meadow Rose Ribbon Wrapped Tutu. What a delicious and darling pink and green tutu! Oh, if only I could be 3 again - I would DEFINETLY wear this :>

I asked Kim from Girl Party Tutus a few questions about the craft business!

1. How would you describe your crafts/Etsy Shop -

I would describe my crafts and my shop as a celebration and an embracing of the inner little diva in myself, that quality that both my daughters, many little girls in fact happily show the world.

2.How did I get started -

During a play date my oldest daughter and her friend were playing ballerinas, I thought wouldn't they be cute in tutus. I knew I could buy them, but decided to give it a whirl on my own, after many trial and errors I came up with the design that I love and decided okay lets take it to the next step, discovered Etsy and here we are.

3.How long have I been crafting -

I think I really got going when I became a SAHM, I always had a desire, but me in my 20's, ugh don't get me started, I just didn't have the focus, when my priorities changed so did my desire to really find my creative energy.

4.What is my inspiration -

So many things, but mainly nature. Nature really comes up with some pretty creative and amazing color combinations; flowers, birds, the sky at dusk,endless inspiration.

5.What is your favorite piece in your shop today -

My favorite piece today, I think is my Pastel Rainbow Satin Wrapped TuTus, it is just so incredibly girly and adorable!

6.How do I market/advertise - I am just getting started so my focus has been 1st, word of mouth, thankfully I have a large family and group of friends who have done an amazing job helping me spread the word and handing out business cards. 2nd I have joined networking groups like Designing Swanky Moms, IndiePublic, Posh Mamas and the Mom Pack. These amazing moms, designers, crafters, entrepreneurs have been a huge resource and have helped get my name and tutus out there as well as providing a wealth of information and support to help me move my business forward!

7. Any advice for fledgling crafters/entrepreneurs -

Since I still consider myself a fledging, the best thing I can offer is find something you love to make and or sell, believe in yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help and support and seek out any and all resources.

Thanks Kim!! You have adorable tutus! :> The world would be a much prettier place if every little girl could twirl in a Girl Party Tutu!!

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