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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Going Green Tuesday - Laundry Dropps!!

Still in search of green products - I found Laundry Dropps. These little wonders claim to be very convenient (no messy detergent) and environmentally friendly - the lightweight product helps cut down on fuel for transport. This in turn reduces the amount of exhaust put in the air - NICE!

The company is based outside of Philadelphia (I like to support locals) and started at a mill they own making yarn for sweaters. They developed a detergent to help clean those sweaters and moved on from there!

You can purchase Laundry Dropps via their website - - do 60 loads of laundry for $24.99 + free shipping!

1 comment:

swol said...

I love the scent/dye free variety of Laundry Dropps-they're so easy to use & very portable too (great for travel).

FYI GreenCupboards (online retailer of green, natural products) is having a sale--up to 40% off--on Laundry Dropps... Check out the incredible sale (for a limited time)