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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Toddler Tips - LOVE the dresses from Granny Bs!!!

I really LOVE all of the fabric that Granny B's Clothesline chooses! They are modern and sophosticated yet fun, frilly, girly and young!! One thing I find in some independent designers is the push to move toddlers and young girls into "mini adults" WAY TO FAST through the use of too sophisticated designs and fabric selections!!! Let the babes be babes!!!

NOT Granny B! She really knows the importance of letting little ones stay little and enjoy their childhood days! Take a look at this dress called French Pink. It is so fun!! I LOVE paisley so it was a definite winner for me :>

She has a delicious line that extends into hairbows, jewelery, belts and tshirts. What a talented indie designing grandmom!!

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