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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quote of the Week!

"Compliment three people every day."

~H. Jackson Brown from Life's Little Instruction Book

I am going to do just that today in the form of identifying three great indie artists.

First, this little pinafore dress is absolutely delicious! Iam thinking about buying this for my own daughter. It is available in size 2 - 3T. Check out the store -

Second (middle picture), I am in search of new diaper covers fo my daughter's cloth diapers. I found these diaper covers here - GENY. You get the benefit of helping out mother earth (no more dipes in the landfills) and your babe looks so stylish!
Third (right picture), something for mommy! I LOVE this fabric sash in the japanese print! This is so different and fab! Also, it's featuring the hot color of the season - RED! I found this fab sash here - NICE FIND!!
So, everyone else out there - pay it forward! What are your 3 compliments today??

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