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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FAB skin care creams - ROC

All right, I am 33 and I will admit that I am searching for the Fountain of Youth - for my skin! I have been using ROC products for over a year now - the Eye cream and the Night Cream. I do love the way the products feel and I do notice that the skin around my eyes is fantastic. I am running low on the night cream so I decided to try somthing new - but stick with ROC. I DON'T have deep wrinkles but I do want to prevent them so, I decieded I am going to give the Retinol Correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream a try. I also thought that while I add a deep wrinkle night, I should add a deep wrinkle day cream. Let's keep those bad boys AWAY!!!!! You can find these products at I have ordered from there before and received my products the NEXT DAY! The product costs are from $25 - $30 - not bad - I'm satisified!
Then after you have polished your skin - you can rock out your new look complimented with my Eclair Clutch. Check out the one above - GROWL!!! You sexy mamas!!!

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