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Monday, March 3, 2008

Sewing Tips - Fray Chek

Product Description accoring to

A colorless plastic solution which reinforces and locks fabric threads to prevent fraying or further wear after fraying. Withstands repeated laundering or dry cleaning.

This notion is great for some things but also has it's limits. I use Fray Chek mainly on the material that I have made slits in for magnetic snaps. I don't want it fraying under the snap and then revealing itself - especially on more delicte materials - satin, taffeta, etc.

I don't use Fray Chek on the ends of ribbon and or ends of exposed materials. I don't feel that it stands up to everyday use OR laundering very well. To seal ribbon ends, I heat seal with an open flame. For fabrics, you can serge the ends OR create sealed hem.

Here are a few tutorials for installing a magnetic snap:

Happy Sewing!!!

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