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Monday, March 31, 2008

My kids had a FAB Birthday Party!!

We had a GREAT time. Look at my 2 little ones snuggled together on the chair! I can't believe that they are 4 and 2!!! YIKES!!! Does time fly.
As the party was winding down, my son REALLY wanted to open his gifts. He was told that he could open them when the other kids went home. So, he walked around and told everyone if they could or could not stay!!! He told my friend, "OK, you are an adult with children so you can go home now." And to others without kids he said, "You can stay 'cause you don't have kids."
Well, I guess it worked for him because all of a sudden my house was clear!! He had motivation. I didn't even find out that this was happening until close to the very end! I hope my friends don't think that I was "kicking them out"!!!! Gotta love the things kids say!!!

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