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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Going Green - Organic Gardening Options

I found a company recently offering a wide range of organic weed and pest control products as well as organic fertilizer. Hey, I LOVE a green lawn come spring just like the next lady but, I am beginning to think that all of the herbicides I use to keep those dandelions away just isn't "dandy" for the environment!

Along comes - Pharmsolutions!!! This company makes natural alternatives to man-made chemicals. Everything from IndoorPharm made from certified organic soap, certified organic almond oil& certified organic soybean oil to keep indoor pests away from plants to GarlicPharm made with pure garlic oil to keep outside pests away.

I am psyched!! I will be able to grow my veggies this year and enjoy my flowers knowing that in protecting them I am NOT hurting my planet!!

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