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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quote of the Week!

"When someone is relating an important event that's happened to them, don't try to top them with a story of their own. Let them have the stage."

~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

This is a TERRIFIC bit of advice. It happens to be one of my New Year's Resolutions - just listen more. Sometimes we let information slip by that could really help us and/or the person talking because we aren't listening. We're just waiting for our turn to speak. I call it "the Stubbed Toe" syndrome. You tell someone that you just stubbed your toe and it stinks! He says, "Yeah, I stubbed MY toe last week and was in the hospital!" Big deal......I want to talk about MY toe! And it goes on and on.....

So, in short - LISTEN!!! Don't talk and enjoy. You might realize that you were missing something! :>

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Spectator said...

Found your blog by clicking "next blog", saying hello.