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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toddler / Kid Tips - Keep your house clean!

We ALL need tips on how to keep our house clean and germ free. Here are some tips that I recently read in Better Homes and Gardens.
1. Clean all contact points - counters, faucets, cabinet pulls, refrigerator handles, light switches, and garbage can lids. These all need to be sanitized. Use a good disenfectant. Be sure to read labels to use effectively and always rinse from a surface that may touch food.
Basement -
2. Change your furnace / air conditioner filter - check out Filtrete filters and SafeHome Filters. These companies offer filters that will rid your home of dander, pollen, mold and some dangerous gases as well.
Bathroom -
3. Fans - Showers and baths create a lot of heat and moisture. Be sure to dissapate that moisture so it doesn't have a chance to breed mold by running your fan for 20 minutes after your trip to the tub.
Living Room -
4. MY FAVE TIP!!! Remove Shoes - Create a NO SHOES POLICY throughout your house. It's super easy to do and you will leave all of the outside dangers out of your home - pet droppings, chemicals, viruses. This is an especially important rule for houses with children playing on the ground!
Good Luck and keep cleaning! :>

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