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Friday, January 4, 2008

Anklets Anyone??

So, I decided here tonight, as I drink my glass of vino......I, in my own fashion realm, am bringing back the anklet!!!!!! I LOVE it. I love retro. I feel like the anklet is a bit retro (correct me if am TOTALLY wrong!!!). I think they are sexy and distinct. I have found some that I enjoy - like the one pictured here. I find it to be so natural and calming - like I am the diver harvesting the delicious stones used in its creation. I would also love to have a sleek, elegant and blingy black and silver anklet. What lady couldn't use a black and silver anklet. OK guys, are you listening????? Buy your lady a black and silver anklet.......they are TOO sexy......and you'll send her back in time. When I was younger I LOVED anklets - circa late 80's andearly 90's. I have been inspired to TOTALLY bring the anklet back baby!!!! The anklet pictured is from a fab store on etsy - Diving Divas Designs. Check them out!

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