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Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Sweetest Scent.....

My son just woke me up as I watch my nightly fill of "Sex and the City". He starts the night out in his own bed and inevitably ends up in ours. So, after I tucked him into our king size bed (which we purchased for this VERY reason...) I decided to check on our 21 month old daughter. I carefully and quietly opened her door so as to not wake her. I was quickly welcomed by the MOST pleasant scent. An aroma that for some unknown reason is just present one day and seems to fade the next. The aroma of a baby. The sweet smell of a babe. I think back to when I was just a babe myself watching Poltergeist (the scene where Carolann passes through the mom). I remember imagining what that must have felt like. What it must have smelled like (at the time I imagined Downy because that was my favorite dryer scent). What pain she must have suffered. Fast forward to tonight and being hit by that smell, I know. I don't have to say it.... I know. I love the smell. I feel pain for the smell. It can't be described. And as I stood there and she began to rustle, I slipped away and breathed one more deep breath to remember. Because before I know it, and for reasons unknown, it will be gone............

Do you take the time to smell the smell?

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