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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Home Tip Tuesday - I LOVE Bon Ami!!

I have heard people talk about Bon Ami. I thought it was an urban legend. I didn't find it at target. I didn't find it at another local grocery store. I was so curious about its powers and its love of the environment....then ..... I found it at Wegmans!!!
I have to say that I LOVE it. I cleaned my white kitchen sink with it to see how it compared to Comet and it was fantastic! It cleaned the stains and didn't have an abrasive smell. Plus, it's made with no chlorine, no perfume, no dyes AND its BIODEGRADABLE!! It is also safe for stainless steel as it will not scratch.
My search for earth friendly products to help me weed bleach from my life is progressing!!
I addition to adding Clorox Greenworks (which I also found at Wegmans and NOT Target), Method products and Bon Ami, I have found Borax.
Borax is also a phosphate and chlorine free product. It can be used to deodorize, to do laundry, to clean and to treat stains. Again, this product is allowing me to kick my chlorine addiction. My daughter wears cloth diapers and I remember this product being suggested to add to the load as I clean the diapers. I couldn't/wouldn't kick the bleach habit then - NOW I have tried Borax and am competely satisified with its power.
There is a reason why these products have been around for soooo long!! They are helping me rest a little easier knowing that I am doing my little part to save the planet for my children :>

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