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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let's Talk Kids :>

I found my inspiration for this post in my recent reading of Parents magazine. I have read Goodnight Moon to both of my children and they both (at least my almost 4 year old son) know the words by heart (and me, of course)!!! However, I still read it on occasion because it has such a melodious, nighttime sound and rhythm. I even feel as though I am being lulled to sleep.

I remember watching a show with my son that featured the book being read by (I believe) Susan Sarandon. I loved her reading and interpretation but I know that my son wasn't wasn't mommy (really, I felt the same way!) I started searching for a new nighttime book.

I found Goodnight, My Duckling which is a completely adorable book (and my daughter's FAVORITE) and I continued searching for more.

Back to Parents - it talks about "...bedtime ritual to include saying sweet dreams to the city or state they call home and to all the familiar landmarks from sea to shining sea?"

YEAH!! I think this is a great idea and now my book is in the mail! Check out this site -

Some places written about are: America, Beach, Los Angeles, Vermont, NYC, zoo.

It's a cool thing - check it out :>

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