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Sunday, January 6, 2008

So I should have been British...

As I sit and watch "Wedding Date" (book much better that movie), I am totally envious of the characters being in England. They are attending a bachelorette party dressed in total argyle, preppy golf style going on a golf pub tour - so 80's!! YES!!!! How awesome. I am totally sending an email to my girlfriends telling them that that has to go on our schedule of "things to do"!!!!! So, I decided to search some arglye fabric. I need to buy some to create some nifty bags. I know I must have been born on the wrong continent (God knows I love being an American). But, I love ALL Jane Austin books/movies, anything British period and the accent. So .....cheerio......enjoy this fabric. I found it here - Check em out :>

Do you think you were born in the wrong place??


Michelle said...

Can you make a bag with this print?? I love it! It would look so cute with a pink sun dress or even as a diaper bag!

I watched that movie too! Let's do my bachelorette party in argyle like that!!!

amy said...

I think that I was born in the wrong era. I always wanted to live in the 50's and wear poodle skirts and go to sock hops. Maybe I just watched too many episodes of Happy Days!!